TellDunkin – Dunkin’ Donuts Win Free Donut or 3 oz Soft Serve

TellDunkin: Have you ever taken a bite into the most scrumptious doughnut and felt that you were now in your own heaven? If not, then you certainly have not visited Dunkin’ Donuts!

Go to your nearest one right now and also get a chance to fill their Dunkin’ Donuts Germany Survey at

TellDunkin - Dunkin' Donuts Win Free Donut or 3 oz Soft Serve

TellDunkin – Dunkin’ Donuts Win Free Donut or 3 oz Soft Serve

Give them some honest feedback because you will be able to tell them anything you want to let them know! So hurry and answer some questions to get your chance to give them some opinions.

Rules for getting qualified for the survey:

The rules declared officially are very less as compared but the steps to be followed is the most important.

First of all, you just need to be a previous customer of Dunkin Donuts.

Hello! But wait for a second; you might be thinking that there is a loophole in this rule. So you are correct, yes there it is, carry on looking what it is.

You can do this if you possess a valid survey code from the past visit to the store which needs to be redeemed within the span of 3 days from the date of issue of the code or the code may get unenforceable after 3 days.

Survey Prize Free Donut or 3 oz Soft Serve
To Redeem Must Purchase drink with coupon
Coupon Cash Value 1 Cent
Receipt Valid For 3 Days
Coupon Code Valid For 180 Days

Prizes of TellDunkin feedback survey:

The winner of the feedback survey is able to enjoy the gifts like as:

  1. A free donut.
  2. Three soft serve ice creams.
  3. A free and tasty coffee.

You can also enjoy the gifts cards or cash vouchers from the restaurant team of Dunkin Donuts.


Social media used by Survey team:

If you have concern regarding survey procedure or anything, then you can easily contact survey team by using social media.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Instagram

Customer service department:

You can contact customer care department of food store if you have any issue.

  1. Customer Care: 1-800-447-0013
  2. Corporate No: 1-781-737-5200
  3. Customer Care Website: official website.

What are the Steps by Step in Survey?

The following list of essentials needs to keep with you during survey participation:

  1. You need to keep purchase receipt and writing utensil near you.
  2. Your mobile devices have the supported internet browser and strong internet connection.
  3. You must be ready with the appeared questions as you have remembered all things that exist on the current dining experience you get.

After completing them all, it is better to be calm and take the survey step by step. Even if you can get the reward instantly, but it is a must when we deliver our best feedback. Without a doubt or intervention, we have to tell the reality and honest experience we have. And, here the things that you have to pursue in TellDunkin Survey are:

TellDunkin - Dunkin' Donuts Guest Experience Survey - Welcome
Step one:

You can visit TellDunkin Survey Website Portal at www. For your information, the survey instruction has its limited time of displaying. So, once you launched the portal, it means that you have to stay focused and answer the question as soon as possible.

Step two:

You are able to read TellDunkin Privacy Statements. It is the optional action where you can avoid it when you have understood the limitations. You can change the language of your survey by clicking on the blue colored option.

Step three:

For the next, the page needs you to fill TellDunkin Credential Numbers. It is about the ID number that printed on your Dunkin Receipt. There is more than 15-digit number that it means you need to be cautious. Be sure, you have avoided the mistyped number.

Step four:

You can start your survey by rating the following yes-no questions and like-scale statements. To rate it, you will see five options where it starts on one up to five. One means that you are full of dissatisfied and five is the opposite one. Slow but sure, you need to rate them related to your own feeling of the appeared statements.


Step five:

After that, it may be great when you leave your opinion about Dunkin Donut. At that time, you will see the questions whether you get some problems on your last visit or not. Even if you don’t have any complaints, you can share your general experience of the restaurant. Tell it specifically because the page will limit your command up to 12000 characters maximum.

Step six:

Congratulation, you will achieve TellDunkin Validation Code. It means that you have finished your survey and get a chance to win coupon code with donut. You look so happy to win it. But wait, you have to write it down on your Dunkin Receipt and redeem it on your next visit. Please keep in mind that we have given you the details rules of reward redemption.

About TellDunkin

The name of multinational and quick service restaurant of America is dunkin donuts which approximately scattered at more than 12000 places in 36 different countries. Dunkin is coffee and baked goods or products chains in the whole world.

Another version of Dunkin donuts was documented in 1995 year. Later on, there was an additional extra of name also the coffee cup in the logo was fully colored initially in yellow and brown. And it applied in 1958 year and registered in 1961 year and get into the use in early soon of year 1964.

An artificial coffee cup which is official logo of company is shown with hot pink colour in the year of 1961. Color of an official logo changed in the year of 2018 to light and bright orange colour as well company name from donuts shortened it to Dunkin. Because it was already acknowledged name in customers so it can be more beneficial for marketing purposes.

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The Dunkin Donuts takes a customer feedback survey under the name of ‘ TellDunkin’ which gives a great opportunity to restaurant team to improve their food quality and quantity and other services on the basis of suggestions or compliments and complaints provided by customers or participants of survey.