TellDunkin [Dunkin’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]


If you are in a search for the fix of your morning snack with tea or coffee or juice, stop now and let Dunkin serve you the most for your fix.

Here at Dunkin, we have a wide range of donuts that suit your brunch and complements the best for the different types of coffees and tea along with a huge variety of snacks for you to gobble in the morning.

Because we all know the very good donuts are already being made here in Dunkin, we do want to make them even better and more tasteful than ever before.

Hence this survey is to be hosted for Dunkin Donuts by official customers survey known as TellDunkin.



Some specifications are to be noted:

Beginning date: 1st of January, 2019

Concluding date: 31st of December, 2019

Mode for entry: Online

Limit for survey: Unlimited

Introductory Gift: Free Donut

Gift retail value: $3

Name TellDunkin
Winner Every Participant
Entries Unlimited
Location USA

Rules for qualifying for the survey:

Rules for the survey are very much less. In short, you just need to be a past customer of Dunkin Donuts. Oh! But wait a second, you must think there is a loophole in this rule. So, yes there it is, carry on to look what it is. Now if you have a valid survey code from the last visit to the store that needs to be redeemed within 3 days or after 3 days the code. become invalid.

So, hurry now and take the survey. Use any of the following numbers printed on your Dunkin Donuts receipt:

1) A 6-digit shop number which you will find near the top side of the receipt.

2) An 18-digit unique survey code which is printed on the bottom side of the receipt.

Now you are ready to go and take the survey by stepping on the following path:

1) Visit the official site of the hostat

2) Choose from the option of entering your 6-digit store number or 18-digit survey code printed on the receipt you can use either of them.

3) Oh, oh! If you don’t have a receipt and you’re still happy to get a free donut, just type the store number as 347328 in its place and say you’ve visited Dunkin in the last 2 days and even during your usual business period.

4) Now that you have successfully entered the survey, answer honestly the questions the Dunkin Donuts’ customer satisfaction team puts before you.

5) And then, in the end, you have the choice of how you want to receive the free donut coupon. But for your convenience, choose to print the code.

6) Hurray! You have successfully completed the survey and also got a free donut from our store.

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Hope you enjoy the survey and wish you will always love Dunkin for its sugary sweet donuts to be enjoyed while having coffee or tea.

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At last, we strive to make better and sweetest donuts, so your every feedback counts a value for us.


TalkToSonic [Sonic’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]

Ah! Are you the one from among the free drink lovers? Then you are stuck in the right place and at the right time.

And what does it take you to get a free drink? Are you the one thinking the same way, then you just need to fulfill your love by giving a drinkable survey?

In this short question type survey given to those who visit the Sonic store, we expect just a simple thing from you which is an honest review for our products. Your every feedback here counts for us and is equally valuable for the food chain restaurant like us in the food industry.



The survey keeps on realizing the company the diverse needs of the consumers from the restaurant on a regular basis and where they need improvement.

Your valuable feedback can change the product quality from good to better which you can experience the next time you give us a try.

We as a biggest food chain restaurant served over 3 million happy customers which are located across 45 states for each and every day. The experience of nearly 60 years makes us better from others and around 3500 drive-in locations across the whole country.

If not visited Sonic store then you must give it a try.

Here our service workers get you in the car itself with drinks and food that you need to park in the places offered at the Sonic locations they serve either on roller skates or on foot.

It gives us a greater advantage than other restaurants in a closed room that serve customers.

Sonic’s diverse menu is the complementary benefit you get to see which is nearly impossible for any other drive-in chain restaurant.

Incentive for this survey if taken:

You get a redeem code for your Sonic stores next visit across the country.

For your convenience, you need to take an online survey for our products on the official site and improve your next visit experience to the store.

Qualification rules:

The restaurant allows only those customers who gave us a visit in the past as it is all about the past customer experience which only the visited customer can give us.

The few prerequisites which you should look into are:

  1. You need to be 14 or more in age.
  2. You should possess a device like a smartphone, laptop or computer and a stable internet connection.
  3. A valid receipt for the food purchased from our store.
  4. Ability for reading in either English or Spanish.

Special steps to be followed for the survey:

  • Log in to our official website for the survey.
  • Then go to the language option and then choose the required language for your survey with which you are comfortable. Note that you cannot change the language later in between the survey.
  • Feed up the invitation code from the receipt from the bottom of it.

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  • Take up the survey.
  • At last, now you get a code which you need to write it down somewhere.

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Hurray! Free drink lover, you got the drink on the next visit.


TalkToiHop [iHop’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]


This is the promotional campaign carried out by the host IHOP in the form of TalkToiHop survey. For knowing the demands better by the customer, it helps us a lot. And for giving the suggestion gets rewarded in the terms of Buttermilk Pancake coupon code when you talk to IHOP survey at

If you are looking into becoming a valuable part of IHOP Voice, you are at the right place. Talk to IHOP analysis gives you a marvelous opportunity for providing a sensible review regarding the service quality. Different prizes can be achieved by the users for completion of this analysis.



The guideline for the analysis is listed below:

  • This analysis can be done by the American residents (USA) or United Kingdom (UK) only.
  • A recent receipt will be the key for the accessibility to the survey.
  • You must be an individual with at least 13 years of age.
  • A better understanding of the English language is a must.
  • Within a week’s span, you must take the survey.
  • You cannot sell or spread your coupon code to others.
  • For one single visit by an individual, you get to redeem only once.
  • The code you receive as a gift will be valid for only a span of 30 days’ time limit.

Basics for the analysis:

  1. A device with a reliable connection of internet which may be a laptop, PC or smartphone for better access to the official website.
  2. A valid receipt for the food purchased from our store.
  3. English or Spanish language understanding is the necessity.

Different steps desired to be followed for review:

  • In your browser, open
  • After you start the survey, you will be asked for the location you visited for the most recent to IHOP.
  • Hit the ‘Start’ button for further process.
  • Now you are required to answer different questions one after another in a specific manner.
  • You will be asked for the environment, décor, and hygiene as well as the attitude of all our staff members towards you.
  • Then you will also be asked for the problems you faced in the store or any concern issue during the visit to IHOP.
  • Answer these questions also honestly and click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • For now, here you have given your honest opinion for our product, there will be a screen flashing for the coupon code for the winning of Buttermilk Pancake.

You will be expected to go through the guide as follows for the redemption of the code:

  1. Takedown the code behind your receipt appeared on the phone.
  2. Visit IHOP ‘s nearest shop and put this code on the counter.
  3. They will validate this code and then get you rewarded with the Buttermilk Pancake.

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Hope you really enjoyed giving the analysis of the food product.

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Hey there! You can win a Buttermilk Pancake as a reward from IHOP for the true and honest review and we truly care for it and improve the changes suggested as soon as possible from our side.

Thank you! Visit us again.