Mycfavisit [CFA’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]


Chick-Fil-A lovers all around there here is good news for you all. No official rules for taking this survey for the Mycfavisit. Here you can have a free sandwich with you for your next visit to your nearest Chick-Fil-A shop, just you require is an invitation receipt for taking this survey.



If you have a lenient spot for chicken sandwiches in your heart like us, then you are very similar to our big family of Chick-Fil-A. Having our Head Quarters in Georgia, and now a widespread to date all-around 2200 locations in the US and Canada.

This is a great achievement from the management which consistently take into consideration the feedback shared by the customers, Back in the past, the company was known as the Dwarf Grill, founded by S.Truett Cathy in 1946 which was later named as the Dwarf House and was carried along the way till 1961.

It was then the name Chick-Fil-A took place of Dwarf House until Cathy founded a fryer that can cook fillets of chicken at the same time it took to cook a burger. In 1967 opening of his first small store took place in Atlanta in a shopping center.

Like many other food chains in the world, they similarly decided to accept the franchise technique for their expansion but kept their stores restricted in shopping malls till a standalone restaurant opened in 1986. A 5000 sq. ft, three-story restaurant was opened in 2015 in the city Manhattan, till then their most of the stores were only stuck to the southern states.

Purchase Required? Yes
TypeChick-Fil-A Customer Experience Survey
Prize Free Chicken Sandwich
Entry Limit 1 Survey Per Person With 1 Receipt
Location The United States

There is only one expansion in Canada which is situated at Calgary airport. Just look up for this below.


  • Get your last visit receipt from our store and check for the extreme long serial number on it.
  • Now that you have got the serial number and you are on the starting point of taking this survey.
  • Follow the below-noncomplicated steps to achieve your free sandwich:
  1. Give a visit to our official website on which we are hosting this survey.
  2. Feed in the serial number from the order receipt.
  3. Sit back and relax now they will verify your serial number as a validation from Chick-Fil-A.
  4. Now that you are in the main part of the review for the Chick-Fil-A consumers, you need to look that you must be satisfied after having this survey and answering the quick short questionnaires.
  5. Be specific to your answers so that our customer satisfaction team can review your experience and take actions for the same.
  6. After that, you have done the survey, note down the validation code on your receipt.
  7. And there you go you got the free sandwich from our side on your next visit to your nearest Chick-Fil-A store.
  8. But remember to carry the receipt on which you have noted the validation code because you need to redeem this code for achieving sandwich.

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Just stay with us every time in our success and keep us motivated for the same.


MyBKExperience [Burger King’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]


Burger King is the second biggest food chain restaurant and best in making hamburgers in the world. Here the customers may be the regular customers of the restaurant.

The survey is associated with some questionnaires, which will be asked to you based on your last visit to the restaurant. We are eager to hear from your side the work we do and the service we give. Either you are happy with them or we should improve them which will depend on your past experience shared with us here. Also, the main reason is to gain the best customer rating by serving and looking to the feedback given by each customer seriously.



This survey will also include product ratings for each and every product we sell here at Burger King. If you visited the restaurant recently or do have a receipt of the same then you have the official right to take this survey on Upon taking this survey and its successful completion, there will a reward from Burger King in the form of coupon code.

You may get a Whopper free with order of any drink along with side after redemption of this code. You can either get a Whopper, very delicious Chicken Sandwich or a Croissan’wich, which entirely depends on your preference for one of which you like the most.

For this, you can also participate more than once but you need more than one receipt for taking the survey. The official survey link is easily accessible and also simpler questions to be answered.

In the meantime, we will look at how you can earn a free coupon code from the Burger King restaurant.

Purchase Required? Yes
Entry Mode Online
Survey Age Limit: 18 & Even More
Survey Location: United States
Survey Prize: Free WHOPPER Sandwich or Orginal Chicken Sandwich


Just keep on reading to know the steps to be followed for completing the survey:

1) Visit the certified site of the Burger King survey at

2) Choose from the list of languages and then enter the restaurant number in the proper field.

3) The restaurant number can be seen printed on top of the receipt.

4) Hit the Next button and then enter the survey code containing 20 digits situated at the bottom side of the receipt.

5) After that by clicking on ‘Start’, your survey will begin.

6) Do answer all the questions and then only submit the form.

7) At the end of the whole process, a coupon code will be displayed on the screen which is mandatory to be noted by you personally on the receipt so as to get free benefits.

The above is the procedure to take the survey for Burger King restaurant from which is the official website for a customer satisfaction survey.

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Just see that the receipt you possess is not too old or else you will not be able to take the survey and also not be eligible to get free benefits from the Burger King.

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This survey will hardly take your 3-4 minutes so as you can help us for the future improvements in the products and always open 24/7 website is easy to handle and understand.


MCDVoice [ McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]


McDonald’s association gives the work to the various people over the world, most of these hides away collaborated in the United States, and the association spreads far and wide.

If you are a customary visit to the McDonald’s drive-through joint, we ponder the customer faithfulness diagram at MCDVoice driven by McDonald’s restaurant.



The essential saying to lead the examination is to check their customers are content with their things and the organizations or not.

You can give it a survey at whatever point, it will take two or three minutes to complete your investigation, and you in like manner get a chance to win free coupons, any way you will eat these free coupons just in the limited time frame when they offer.

Take MCDVoice Survey from authority MCDVoice and Get Cash Prize:

Besides, the customer who is giving this outline those people must seek after some essential advances and the gauges given by the association, if not you won’t be allowed to give your audit.

If you need to send your summary, you will have the progressive Mc Donald purchase receipt with you and do not waste the receipt of your last section because this receipt was necessary when you were auditing.

Also, when you visit the store to collect the receipt at whatever point you visit any Mc Donald restaurant, you can reliably review it. In fact, your new purchase wasn’t more than seven days ago, practically testing that.

Additionally, the something different you need a structure and genuine web relationship through which you can without a lot of a stretch access the Mc Donald’s legitimate webpage.

Survey Name MCDVoice
Survey Prize Cash Back , Burgers
Entry Mode By Online
Language English or Spanish
Country USA

How to take MCDVoice Survey?

  • The dominant part of the customers doesn’t consider how to give the investigation, here in this site will help you with filling the examination and will provide absolute guidance to your examination.
  • At the time partaking your review you should keep your receipt with you, and seek after these direct advances.
  • For the route toward giving your audit the customer needs to visit the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey site at
  • Pick your preferred language, to begin the diagram, Enter the language anything you want. It is the most critical thing to give your information.
  • You must enter the 26-digit survey code after that, the code can be found on your receipt.
  • enter the going with information in the audit site, from your McDonald’s receipt like you need to enter your continuous visit store number, date of visit, time of visit, solicitation, and whole spent. Without the get, you are not allowed to look into the diagram.
  • Furthermore, the customer who are outfitting this survey they can reaction all investigation tends to subject to your experience on that day.

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MCDVoice is the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, and you can take it this audit on the review site, here we are giving the complete investigation nuances, and the examination site i.e., McDonald’s sustenance store that was started in 1940 by the two self-governing delegates.