JackListens [Jack’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]


If you are a food lover and you like the food served by the Jack in the Box situated nearest to your location and you think we need some improvement in the existing product or any new suggestions for the JackListens.Then you have to stay at www.jacklistens.com

Now that you are here, do help us by removing a part of your busy schedule and take a short survey. Below are the stages you need to carry out in order if you are willing to get rewarded from our side with free food items that are off the menu, but wait, for it you need to take a survey.

“A Pleased Customer is Always a Repeater” is the foremost basis with which the market runs, Customer Satisfaction is all we expect whenever it comes for the food and service industry.



Catering service for the millions of customers since very extensive time, Jack in the Box has served for them making them attach to their customers directly.

We as a brand strive to listen from you about the menu related to the food items that are being served here at Jack in the Box, along with the behavior of our service staff towards you and is the banqueting experience satisfactory and all related things.

Other than this there are no other modes from where we can collect honest and real-time feedback by conducting an online survey directly connected between customers and the Jack in the Box.

Here customers can instantly raise their voice in the form of opinions, and that the what you achieve with the experience of JackListens survey on www.jacklistens.com.

In the past when there was not a boom to the food and service industry, it was a very easy task to collect the opinions from the customers in the handy and face to face communication.

Purchase Required? Yes
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Entry Method Online

There were physical papers distributed among the customers for the purpose of getting feedback regarding the food quality. Still, now this can be seen for small startups in the food and service industry.

But due to industry boom for food and service, larger chains have been formed such as Jack in the Box which is not possible for a widespread food chain to gather feedback in the form of physical manner and reach every customer situated across the country.

Survey Requirements:

1) Past visit receipt from our outlets. Find the survey code which will be printed on the order receipts.

2) As it is an online survey, so you need a medium to connect to us like computers or smartphones.

3) You can only take this survey if you are a resident from any of the 50 United States or U.S. Territories.

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4) Minimum age requirement is 18 years for becoming eligible for this survey.

5) English or Spanish language is mandatory, you can choose anyone out of them.

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Do come to have another fantastic dining experience with us at Jack in the Box and thank you for reaching to us and sharing your valuable feedback.