TellSubway [Subway’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]

By jumping into the survey, you add value to our restaurant as we believe in you. Being a consumer and giving feedback by not only sharing the good things in us but also the negative things will keep us improving from time to time. Your review will be reflected every time you give a visit to us and get satisfied with the things you didn’t like previously.



This survey hopefully will be hassle-free and customer friendly as well. It will take a few minutes to take up this survey.

You get a delicious cookie for just jumping in it and facing some easy questions. As the aim ofthe company is to achieve the best improvement in the products served by us every-time for you.

We serve every customer with a bill receipt for their every purchase in the restaurant.

We also give discounts up to 10% for the customer’s visit next time when he has successfully completed the review.

The rewards we include are subway coupons, yummy and delicious subway cookie.

Requirement Receipt Number
Reward Free Cookie
Validity 30 days
Limit 1 Reward per receipt

This is how you get eligible for the survey:

TellSubway has a simple, hassle-free interface specially designed for the customers of Subway.

Here is the guide for the survey tour:

  1. Start at our official website for the survey at This site is only made for the purpose of feedback either it may be positive or negative.
  2. As you have the past receipt from the restaurant, get the code written on it and feed it in its appropriate place on the website. Make sure you do not make any, mistake in typing the code.
  3. You might find the code written on the top of the receipt.
  4. Then you need to hit the ‘Next’ button.
  5. Now you need to shed time to give simple answers for the questions which are designed in such a way that even a small child can understand it and are so designed for the entire solving of your reviews.
  6. This will help Subway to understand their consumers taste and their preferences when they visit the restaurant.
  7. Then the next step is for the benefit of you where you are rewarded for the survey. Here all you have to look is for the code you get after completion of the survey.

In the world full of race there is ups and downs in the business, but it is the brand that strives for the upliftment and prefer to develop their products according to the customer’s needs.

Even a small brand looks for its improvement in the market and the result is its proper and faster growth by accepting the changes suggested by the consumers.

The company that keeps on frequently giving out surveys can be looked at as they care for the customers they serve daily and try to satisfy them on a regular basis.

Note: Minimum age bar is 18 years. And a food receipt from our store.

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Subway products are famous nearly in every part of the world for their hygiene and healthiness. So, keep your support behind us always.


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