TellTheBell [Taco Bell’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]

TellTheBell is an online survey site for the company named Taco Bell. This survey will be conducted for considering the suggestions for improvement from the customer’s side to the company.

As this is a leading global restaurant and is one of the biggest fast-food chains, the feedback plays the most important role here for the company. Similar to others Taco Bell also works on giving the free goodies for the consumers eating food from Taco Bell.



If you had a visit to the restaurant this past week to Taco Bell and you kept the receipt saved with you then you are the luckiest person to get into the survey. So, hurry up and step forward into the survey.

Hurry up! You can be the lucky one to become one of the winners from the lucky draw.

Moving forward, we will explain you how you can get into the survey and win rewards.

Taco Bell actuality is the biggest company in the food and service business, it offers prizes worth $500 for four fortunate consumers each period.

The survey for the host for Taco Bell is being carried away for the improvement in the areas of the food and service chain we serve towards the clients.

TellTheBell always provides a good opportunity for the clients to win in the survey by just taking a short and sweet survey. It might be found out to be a cringe but wait no one can truly deny its popularity.

Purchase Required? No
Type Survey
Entry Method Online / email
Entry Limit One entry per person per Entry Period
Location US

Rules for the review:

  1. You must not be under the age of 18.
  2. The possession of the food receipt is a must.
  3. There must be a 16-digit cryptogram printed on the receipt.
  4. In case of the misplacement of it, you can either enter the date and unique store number along with the time slot you gave a visit to the restaurant to precede the survey.

How to participate? Here is the quick guide for the same:

  • Open any web browser.
  • In the search option enter, as URL and the browser will redirect you to the home page of the survey.
  • Now put in the 16-digit survey code from the top of the food receipt.
  • In case of the misplacement of it, you can moreover enter the date and unique store number along with the time slot you gave a visit to the restaurant to head the survey.
  • Then the survey initiates you to the feeding section where you feed in all the answers for the asked questions regarding the restaurant.
  • Finish enter the type of orders and click on ‘Next’.
  • Then you will be asked about the satisfaction level for the survey and other things.

The questions might be 15 in numbers regarding the feedback related to the satisfaction level.

You might be needed to rate the service out of 5 in which 5 is denoted for the highly satisfactory.

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In this world, no one becomes big in one single day. This also applies for the Taco Bell.




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